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Leave the legacy of life.

Join more than 4.2 million Hoosiers who have registered to become organ and tissue donors and ultimately save lives.

More than 100,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and more than1,000 of those Americans are Hoosiers.

Donation is a rare and incredible gift. The medical condition of a potential donor at time of death determines if donation is possible and what organs and tissue can be donated. Unfortunately, only three in 1,000 people are medically eligible to become organ donors.

One donor can save more than 83 lives.

Are you interested in registering to become an organ and tissue donor?

To register, click the “Leave a legacy” button below.

To learn more, click the “FAQs” button below.

Read inspirational stories of how donation and transplantation has touched the lives of so many Hoosiers.

Mackenzie Hughey, CFSP

Mackenzie Hughey, CFSP

Indiana Donor Network, Funeral Director Liaison

Mackenzie can discuss how Indiana Donor Network supports funeral homes throughout the donation and transplantation process. She can also connect you with additional staff members that can present on the various steps throughout the donation and transplantation process from both a clinical and logistical viewpoint.  

Check out the Indiana Donor Network page for Funeral Directors. Here you will find helpful tools and information specifically for our funeral homes. 

 Indiana Donor Network Funeral Director Information 




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